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Learning About Divorce

I always loved my husband, which is why I was so surprised when he cheated on me and it was time to end our marriage. Apparently, he had been doing it for years and years, which made the discovery even more painful. I knew that I needed to get out of our marriage, which is why I turned to a skilled family and divorce attorney for help. They took me by the hand, walked me through the proceedings, and helped me to come out on top. This blog is here for anyone who might be struggling through a painful divorce. You can find your life again, and a great lawyer can help you along the way.

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Divorce And Plastic: What To Know

If you are like most couples, you have some considerable credit card debt on your accounts. This type of debt can create some headaches when a couple divorces, since the debt must be assigned to either the husband or the wife in the divorce settlement. If you are able to pay off some or all of that debt before you divorce, you will be taking at least one potential issue off the table, but if not, it will have to be dealt with before your final divorce decree is handed down. Read More 

The Battle For Pet Custody

Divorce can often bring out the worst in many people, and that is only natural when you consider that divorce deals with several emotionally-loaded issues. Child custody, property divisions, and who-owes-what can often be the subject of fierce battles and courtroom drama. When it comes to custody issues, some divorcing spouses place their beloved pets right up there with any minor children on the list of important issues, and that is perfectly understandable; after all, many people consider their pets to be another member of the family. Read More 

Why You Need A Special Attorney For A High-Asset Divorce

While it is a good idea to have an attorney for any divorce situation, when there is a significant amount of money involved, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in high asset divorce. This can include situations where you own multiple pieces of real estate, own a business, or have a significant stock portfolio. Even if one of you had a good portion of the assets before you married, problems can still arise that require in-depth investigations and considerations. Read More