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I always loved my husband, which is why I was so surprised when he cheated on me and it was time to end our marriage. Apparently, he had been doing it for years and years, which made the discovery even more painful. I knew that I needed to get out of our marriage, which is why I turned to a skilled family and divorce attorney for help. They took me by the hand, walked me through the proceedings, and helped me to come out on top. This blog is here for anyone who might be struggling through a painful divorce. You can find your life again, and a great lawyer can help you along the way.

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Facing A Guilty Conviction With A Criminal Drug Charge? Don't Make These Big Mistakes

If there is one criminal conviction that can completely change your life, it is a criminal drug charge. Not only could you be facing fines and a criminal record, you could also be in danger of spending time in jail. In a lot of cases, someone charged with a drug crime will have a good judgement in advance of if they will indeed be found guilty of the crime, as this is something a criminal defense attorney can easily help you determine. If this is a position you are currently in, there are a few huge mistakes you have to work to avoid so you don't make the situation worse.

Mistake: Discussing your case or your guilt while in jail.

Why: Jail conversations are definitely recorded over the phone. Plus, you never know when a fellow inmate with a seemingly genuine intent could turn around and use what you tell them about your case to make them look good for the chance at a reduced sentence of their own. If you are facing a criminal drug charge and are lodged in jail until your case goes before a judge, be careful and reserved with every conversation. Discuss the nature of your crime and your actions solely with your attorney to reduce the chance of something you say being used against you in court and causing you to be faced with more jail time.

Mistake: Refusing a plea deal without the proper consideration.

Why? When you have been charged with a crime relative to drugs, in most cases, the state has minimum sentencing requirements in place that must be followed. However, the prosecuting attorney for your case may offer a plea deal if you will admit you are guilty. A lot of people charged with a crime want to dismiss this deal initially because they believe they will fare better in a trial. This is not always the case at all. In fact, a lot of cases which do go to trial actually still end up with you being found guilty, unless you have an incredible amount of proof otherwise. Make sure you take the plea bargain offered seriously and work with your attorney to determine if the deal will be the best decision for your case.

Mistake: Being persistent about testifying if your case goes to trial.

Why? You may think if your case does go before a jury, being allowed to speak your piece will make you look better. However, if your criminal defense attorney does not recommend you doing so, it is a good idea to heed their advice. Your testimony could do more harm than good, which is  usually something your attorney will foresee because of previous experience.

For more information, consult with a criminal defense attorney, like one from Medeiros & Associates.