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I always loved my husband, which is why I was so surprised when he cheated on me and it was time to end our marriage. Apparently, he had been doing it for years and years, which made the discovery even more painful. I knew that I needed to get out of our marriage, which is why I turned to a skilled family and divorce attorney for help. They took me by the hand, walked me through the proceedings, and helped me to come out on top. This blog is here for anyone who might be struggling through a painful divorce. You can find your life again, and a great lawyer can help you along the way.

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Getting Divorced? Know The 3 Types Of Divorces

If your marriage has reached the point where you have decided to end it, you will need to start the process of filing for divorce. However, you may not be aware that there are different kinds of divorces, and one may better apply to your specific marital situation. Here is what you need to know about the 3 different types of divorces.


If you can prove that your spouse was the one responsible for you requesting the divorce, you can file for the at-fault divorce method. Be aware that this method will require some proof on your part before you file for it.

Your marriage may have come to an end due to your spouse being put in jail, which is a very easy problem to prove for at-fault divorces. Adultery can be a bit tougher if you do not have the evidence, which may require hiring a private investigator to follow your spouse to collect the evidence for you. Abusive behavior can be documented with photographs or police reports, though it also helps to have another person to corroborate your story.


When you are fighting the reason that your spouse requested a divorce, it's considered a contested divorce. Expect the process to take a long time to complete, since it will be more involved at all parts of the process.

For example, you will have more legal fees due to needing the help of a lawyer for the divorce process. The overall length of the divorce will take longer, which also results in higher legal fees and more court costs. Contested divorces are also made part of public record if they do go to court, so be prepared for others to easily look up why you got divorced.


If you and your spouse have agreed to end the marriage, an uncontested divorce will be the best of the three options. You can work together to divide property and decide on child custody if it is relevant.

Uncontested divorces also tend to have lower legal fees, since the divorce can be handled in mediation. Mediation also helps keep the marital issues private. Uncontested divorces are not always easy, but it is the preferred way if you need to go about ending a marriage.

If you need help figuring out which type of divorce method you should use in your situation, meet with a family lawyer in your area.